MG Natural BS 20

20 # Neutral Kraft
  • Size 24″ x 36″ weighs 20 lb per ream (500 sheets), 40 lb per 1000 sheets.
  • Used as interleaving for highly polished metal sheets and metal ware. The sheet prevents tarnishing of the metal during shipment or storage.
  • Typically sold in roll form. 36″, 48″, and 60″ are the most common sizes.

Kraft M.F. Natural BS 30
KRAFT M.F. Natural BS 30

  • The lightest regularly available Kraft paper.
  • Size 24” x 36” weighs 30 lb per ream. (500 sheets) 60 lb per 1000 sheets.
  • Bs. 30 gives you the best yield for dust sheets, light duty Interleaving, and wrapping applications.
  • M.F. NATURAL KRAFT has 1675’ per roll, Sizes 6”– 60”. Special size sheets can be run to fit an application.
  • Narrow width rolls also available.

Grocery Wrap
KRAFT M.F. Natural BS 40

  • Perhaps the most popular weight Kraft wrap in the market.
  • 40 NATURAL M.F. KRAFT sheets size 24” x 36” weigh 40 lb per ream (500 sheets) 80 lb per 1000 sheets.
  • Bs. 40 Kraft, a tough general purpose wrapping grade is available in rolls 6”- 72” wide 1275’ per roll.
  • Standard size and special size sheets as well as special size rolls available upon request.
  • Bs. 40 Kraft is the most popular weight used with automatic wrapping machines.

Kraft M.F. Natural BS 50
KRAFT M.F. Natural BS 50

  • When wrapping products with square edges or uneven surfaces BS 50 may be the answer.
  • KRAFT M.F. NATURAL BS 50 standard sizes 6”- 72” wide 1025’ per roll.
  • Sheets 24” x 36” BS 50 weigh 50 lbs per ream (500 sheets) 100 lb per 1000 sheets.
  • The start of really heavy duty Kraft. Roll sizes 6”- 72” 825’ per roll.

KRAFT M.F. Natural BS 60

  • Stock size rolls available from 24” through 48” with standard footage of 825’.
  • Roll usage most popular 36”- 48” and 60” wide.
  • A common application is wrapping high bulk metal or paper products.
  • Sheets can be used to “tie” multi layers of case goods when stacked for storage or shipments.
  • M.F. BS 60 KRAFT is a tough and versatile Wrap.

KRAFT M.F. Natural BS 75

  • The heaviest normally available Kraft. Available in rolls 650’ long in widths from 6”-72”.
  • Sheets 24” x 36” weigh 75 lbs per ream (500 sheets) or 150 lb per 1000 sheets.
  • M.F. BS 75 KRAFT is often used as slip sheets for palletized goods. Heavy bulky items are best wrapped with BS 75 Kraft.
  • BS 75 Kraft can quite often be used at a savings, to replace single face corrugate.

KRAFT M.F. Natural BS 100

  • Sheets 24” x 36” weigh 100 lbs per 500 sheets and 200 lbs per 1000 sheets.
  • KRAFT M.F. NATURAL BS 100 roll sizes are available in widths of 24”- 60” with 540’ per roll.
  • Often used as a floor covering during construction or as a floor covering to save costly cleanups of ink, grease or other staining products.


Grocery Wrap
  • BS 30 NEUTRAL KRAFT is available 6”- 72” 1625’ per roll. Sheets 24” x 36” BS 30 weigh 30 lbs per ream of 500 sheets and 60 lbs per 1000 sheets.
  • BS 30 Neutral is the lightest weight that we carry. *The blue line is the universal designation for the Neutral Kraft. The blue dye line appears every 5½”- 6” across the web of the roll.
  • BS 30 NEUTRAL KRAFT is used as an interleaving and wrapping of light weight aluminum and stainless steel products. B30 is widely used on rolls, widths from 1”- 1¾” by metal stampers.


Grocery Wrap
  • BS 50 NEUTRAL KRAFT 1025’ per roll. Available in standard size 6”- 60”. Special size rolls and sheets are a common request for this BS weight. Sheets 24”- 36” BS weigh 50 lbs per ream (500 sheets) or 100 lbs per 1000 sheets.
  • BS 50 NEUTRAL KRAFT has a blue dye stripe across the web of the roll every 5½”- 6”.
  • A good all around BS weight for wrapping and interleaving heavier grades of aluminum and stainless steel.


Grocery Wrap
  • White Newsprint is an inexpensive dunnage.
  • Available in rolls and sheets.


Tissue Paper #1 White MG Finish
  • BS 10 size 24” x 36” weigh 10 pounds per 500 sheets, 20 lbs per 1000 sheets.
  • Machine Glazed = MG one side.
  • MG BS 10 #1 TISSUE has more application and potential for industrial packaging than available at the retail store level.
  • Ideal for interleaving glass plastic or other high polish surfaces.
  • Interior wrap for high value parts.
  • Low acid content.

Lay Flat Paper Tubing

Tissue Paper #1 White MG Finish
  • The primary purpose of tubing is to prevent marring and scratching of product during shipping.
  • The most common basis weights are 30# & 40#.
  • The item being shipped is simply inserted into the sleeve and the ends closed with a twist, staple or tape.
  • Available in various widths from 1″ up to 12″.


Non-Asphaltic Reinforced Kraft 4020
  • NON-ASPHALTIC REINFORCED KRAFT is a sandwich of two plys of Kraft Laminated with high molecular amorphous poly. This is then reinforced with ½” x ½” fiberglass scrim.
  • Available in 300 lineal rolls. Sizes 36”, 48”, 60”, 72” and 96”.
  • NON-ASPHALTIC REINFORCED KRAFT is an ideal wrap for: carpets, textiles, lumber, furniture or any product where “weeping” of asphalt might cause product damage.
  • NON-ASPHALTIC REINFORCED KRAFT poly coated one side is available- request price and minimums.


Asphaltic Reinforced Kraft 3580
  • ASPHALTIC REINFORCED KRAFT is a sandwich of two plys of Kraft laminated with asphalt and reinforced with ½” x ½” pattern of fiberglass scrim.
  • Available in rolls 36”, 48”, 60”, 72” and 96” by 300 lineal feet.
  • ASPHALT REINFORCED KRAFT is used when a flexible grease and water resistant paper is needed to protect or cover.
  • ASPHALT REINFORCED KRAFT should be used to cover or line metal, concrete, shipping containers, truck or rail car floors.
  • Grade 3580 meets MIL SPEC PPB1055B E- 1.


  • ASPHALT LAMINATED KRAFT is a sandwich of 1 ply BS 30 M.F. KRAFT, 1 layer of BS 30 ASPHALT and 1 ply of BS 30 M.F. Kraft . Or, BS 30 Kraft, BS 50 ASPHALT and BS 30
    KRAFT called C-1 which meets MIL SPEC PPB 1055B.
  • Available roll size 24”, 36”, 48” and 72” by 600 feet. LAMINATED KRAFT is widely used for floor or deck covering to protect from spills of ink, resin, grease, oils or other debris.
  • ASPHALT LAMINATED KRAFT is also a good cover for storage.
  • ASPHALT LAMINATED KRAFT is durable and can cut the cost of expensive cleanups.


  • 50# Kraft with 12# white poly and reinforced.
  • Sold in roll form typically with 600’ per roll.
  • Most common sizes: 36”, 48”, and 60”.

Quillon (Grease Proof) BS 25 or BS 35

Grease-proof Quillon
  • Most commonly used as a panliner for bakers, to protect the baking sheet and allow release-ability of the product.
  • Quillon-treated paper is available in custom size sheets and rolls, and die-cuts in many shapes and sizes, including round or scalloped.
  • The release-ability of the Greaseproof sheet is not quite as good as the Silicone, however it is much better than that of wax paper.
  • Quillon-treated paper can be used as regular or custom panliners, pizza dividers, doilies, and bacon layout paper.
  • Available in custom size sheets or rolls.

GROCERY WRAP (Bleached Kraft) BS 30

Grocery Wrap
  • Sold in 15″, 18″, 20″ x 1625′ rolls. Sold as deli wrap or grocers wrap.
  • Used to wrap cheese, sausage, and cold cuts.
  • Candy Box Wrap.
  • Top sheet cut to special sizes for dry food packaging.


Grocery Wrap
  • BS 40 White Butcher guaranteed 1300’ per roll.
  • BS 50 White Butcher guaranteed to 1100’ per roll.
  • All White Butcher Paper meets the specifications of the FDA.
  • Available in custom size sheets or rolls.
  • White Butcher Paper can be used when the user needs a heavy weight Bleached Kraft.
  • All Butcher Paper can be printed. Please inquire about our minimums.


  • A bleached paper with poly coating on one side is available in three weights: light, medium, and heavy. Standard feet per roll is 1100’ for the light and medium and 1000’ for heavy. Widths are from 15”- 48”.
  • This poly coated paper has potential industrial packaging applications when the need requires the toughness of paper and the non abrasive qualities of poly.
  • Bleached poly coated Kraft is freezer paper when used to wrap food products and a premium industrial wrap when used in the packaging room.
  • FREEZER PAPER is also available in any sheet size. Custom rolls are also available.
  • All poly coated paper can be printed. Please inquire about our minimums.


Grocery Wrap
  • Wet Wax Paper, sometimes referred to as surface wax is coated on two sides.
  • Brown Wax (30/43) is available in rolls and sheets.
  • 30# Kraft Paper is waxed to a 43# finished basis weight (30/43).

Poly Boards- 16 Point and 24 Point (Milk Carton Stalk; 2 Side Poly Coated)

POLY BOARDS - 16 Point and 24 Point
  • The food manufacturing industry is the largest user of this
    material, using it mostly as a food divider.
  • Most of these dividers are sold with straight corners. We
    are able to both round the corners or die cut in almost
    any shape.
  • The baking industry is using it as a greaseproof backing
    sheet for cookies, cupcakes, small cakes, muffins, etc.
  • Potential Markets:
    • Bakeries: Cake collars, cake liners, cookie liners.
    • Divider for frozen food manufacturers.
    • Industry and Printers for poster board.

CHOP STICK PAPER – 50# White Offset Paper 92 Brightness

Chopstick Paper
  • Size 25” x 38” weighs 50 lbs per ream (500 sheets)
  • Sold in roll from.
  • Typical sizes 2¾”, 2½” wide, sold in 18” to 23” diameter, 3” core rolls.