FAQ’s & Formulas

Question: What is the maximum roll diameter you can handle?
          Answer: Maximum roll diameter is 60″.

Question: What is the widest roll Price Paper can handle for converting?
          Answer: 80″ is the maximum roll width we can accommodate.

Question: What types of material can you slit and rewind?
          Answer: Kraft Paper, Bond, Butcher Paper, Poly Coated Freezer Paper, Grease Proof Quillon Treated Papers, Newsprint, Wax Paper, Liner Board, Milk Carton Stock.

Question: What is the maximum finished roll diameter you can provide?
          Answer: We can provide finished rolls up to 40″ in diameter.

Question: Can you warehouse my material until I need it converted?
          Answer: Yes, depending on the quantity.

Useful Formulas For Paper Salesmen

1) Basis Weight
500 sheets of 24″ X 36″ (3000 sq. ft.) equals basis weight.
Example: 500 sheets 25# basis weight 24″ X 36″ will weigh 25#.

2) To find the weight of a 500 sheet ream of non-standard sheet size:
L x W (in inches) / 864 x basis weight = Ream weight in pounds
Example: Find the ream weight of 28″ x 62″ sheets of 30# basis weight…
28 x 62 / 864 x 30 = 60.3# ream weight

3) To find the linear feet in a roll when roll width, roll weight and basis weight are known:
(Roll weight in pounds x 3000) / (Basis weight x roll width in feet) = Lineal feet
Example: Find the linear feet of a 60″ wide roll of 30/43# wet wax paper weighing 125#
(125 x 3000) / (43 x 5) = 1744 feet

4) To calculate cost per sheet:
Ream weight x price/cwt (cost per hundred weight) / 500 = Cost per sheet
Example: Find cost per sheet 48″ x 96″ 25# natural kraft
From formula # 2 above we find
25# basis weight in 48″ x 96″ size = 133.3# ream weight
133.3 x $13.50 cwt (cost per hundred weight) / 500 = $.036 per sheet

5) As a general rule, the approximate weight per inch of a 9″ diameter roll (counter roll) is 1.5#’s per inch of width